Food Trends 2019

vegan cauliflower pizzaThe inevitable stories about trends in 2019 have started to appear. Two caught my eye today.

According to HuffPo, among The 10 Biggest Trends We Saw in 2019 were improvements to internal restaurant culture:

The #MeToo movement hugely defined restaurant culture in 2018, and intolerance for sexist, harassing and abusive behaviors happily continued to hold a position of top priority in 2019. In fact, 2019 saw restaurant owners, chefs and management reevaluating many of the prevalent industry practices that adversely affected employees.

It’s about time. After reading dearly departed Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential years ago (and witnessing a chef throw a knife at a waitress in my days as a dishwasher—he missed) I wondered why anyone would want to make a career working in restaurants.

And this article about GrubHub’s top food trends in 2019 articulates one reason why the wine business is struggling with younger people:

Vegetarian- or vegan-friendly options made up the majority of the food delivery service’s top 10 foods of the year.

  1. Cauliflower pizza: 650%
  2. Spicy Brussels sprouts: 622%
  3. Portobello empanada: 601%
  4. Black bean and sweet potato taco: 513%
  5. Miso pork ramen: 413%
  6. Chicken burger: 318%
  7. Bone broth: 298%
  8. Brown sugar milk [bubble] tea: 281%
  9. Vegan pad thai: 280%
  10. Impossible burger: 203%

Healthy-ish seems to have captured the imagination of millennials which some speculate means less or no alcohol. What happened to the heath benefits of red wine?

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