Drinking Habits

wine drinking rut“Drink what you like” is a common refrain among wine professionals giving advice to budding wine enthusiasts. It is advice of questionable value. The problem is not that it’s wong. It would be strange to advise someone to drink what they don’t like.

The problem is it’s incomplete. The advice should always come with a codicil—“drink what you like after you’ve tasted enough to know what you like”. You can’t really know what your own personal tastes are until you’ve tasted widely and explored the world of wine to know what’s out there.

Otherwise you’re drinking what you’re familiar with—out of habit.

There is nothing wrong with habits. We couldn’t function without them. But it’s a meager existence that limits aesthetic experience to what is familiar.


  1. I believe the link you draw between preference and habit is insightful and spans the spectrum of human experience. It plays in the same space that confuses expereince with fact. One more thing to think about as I try to live a life not completely defined by thoughtlessness. As is often the case, I come to read about wine and leave with more. Thank you.

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