Midwest Chow

broasted chickenRegardless of where you are in the U.S., diners will offer a stable core of dishes—pancakes, eggs, burgers, fries, tuna melts, salads, grilled cheese sandwiches, malts or shakes, ice cream sundaes and pies will be on every menu. It’s what else they serve that makes regional diner food distinctive—frito pie and chicken fried steak in the South, quesadillas and eggs benedict in California, green chili stew in the Mountain West, creamed chip beef in the Northeast, for example.

When I travel through the Midwest I always look forward to broasted chicken—I seldom see it outside the Midwest. “Broasting” is a trademarked term for frying chicken in a pressure cooker using equipment and ingredients obtained under license from the Broaster Company of Beloit, Wisconsin. Frying under pressure seals the surface of the food holding in its moisture while producing a crisp exterior and absorbing significantly less fat.

south side food and drink limon coloradoOrdering fried chicken in diners is a hit or miss affair. It’s often soggy and or greasy. But I’ve never had a broasted chicken that wasn’t delicious.

I found my broasted chicken at South Side Food and Drink in Limon, Colorado, a sleepy burg about 90 miles east of Denver. And since Eastern Colorado is still, sort of, in the Mountain West, I found my Green Chile Stew there.

That’s a good day on the road.

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