Budget Wine Review: Chateau Le Marin Bordeaux 2012

le marinWhere is it written that all wines must be happy? Grim and cynical can be interesting.

Scents of barnyard and tire rubber reign over the dark plummy notes. The palate opens with robust but angular dark fruit encased in burnt wood. It then finds its gravelly essence at midpalate where hard acidity conspires with grainy tannins and bitter herbs to raise a visceral chorale of discordant voices. Medium body, medium length,  it’s vin ordinaire in the style that reaches back to the days before everyday wines were fluffy bunnies.

Strangely appealing, a taste of rustic Bordeaux is always worth $9

A blend Merlot, Cabernet Franc and a bit of Cabernet Sauvignon.

I think Iggy Pop’s I’m Bored does bitter justice to it.

Score: 85

Price: $9

Alc: 14%

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