rustico proseccoThis is what Prosecco should be like. A frothy mousse with surprisingly small, lively bubbles, the fruit is luscious, pear and apple, with white flower notes, lovely crushed rock aromas, and an intriguing funky note in the background. On the palate it is more gentle than most sparkling wine, round and vibrant, but not too edgy and like most Prosecco, the finish pulls up short. There is a hint of sweetness upfront but it’s quickly swallowed by bracing minerality and crisp acidity. Prosecco is the insouciant child of sparkling wine all bright and glittering but always carefree and unserious. The Rustico pulls that off with great elan.

Valdobbiadene is the classic region for Prosecco. And Nino Franco is one of the oldest wineries there founded in 1919.

Fluffy yet celebratory, a perfect pairing for Cosmo Sheldrake’s Come Along

Score: 91

Price: $18

Alc: 11%