Budget Wine Review: Diseño “Old Vine” Malbec Mendoza 2017

deseno malbecIf I were painting a portrait of a quintessential inexpensive crowd pleaser, this would be it. Tasty, polished, charming—your local spa should hire it as a greeter.

Blueberry shares the spotlight with an unusually robust floral dimension against a subtle earth background—simple but pleasant.

The palate features very round berry flavors cossetted by milk chocolate. Despite being a bit thin, a silky, polished mouthfeel and evolution give the wine a blithe, understated  elegance wrapping up with a short, tame finish that doesn’t detract from the wine’s impact.

Ignore the “old vines” claim on the label. It legally means nothing. High production wines are seldom harvested from genuinely old vines.

Effortless “niceness” I think captures the personality. Niceness can be overrated as a moral category but in a $10 wine I’ll take it. Pair with Your Love is King by Sade

Score: 86

Price: $10

Alc: 13.5 %

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