Budget Wine Review: Clos Siguier Cahors 2015

clos siguierThe original home for Malbec, Cahors in Southwestern France has a reputation for dark tannic wines that need bottle age before drinking. This wine is a remarkable departure, mineral driven with mostly bright, red fruit on a medium frame.

Cranberry and blackberry aromas share space with intriguing pine and rose notes. The palate shows juicy, plump red fruit upfront but quickly condenses into a more angular, stony midpalate. The medium grain tannins are late to arrive and stay in the background giving the wine a tart finish laced with refreshing citrus notes. A bit coarse but It has good length for a wine in this price category.

A complex personality, folksy, generally optimistic but wearing a sardonic grin like Bob Dylan’s Tonight I’ll be Staying Here With You

Technical Notes: From organically-grown, 50 yr. old vines, native yeasts used in fermentation, the blend included 5% Tannat, unfiltered

Score: 88

Price: $16 (purchase information)

Alc: 12.5%


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