Wine Blog Daily is Going Away

My daily summary of wine blog activity is no more. With spring semester looming and new writing projects to launch, I need to find more hours in the day, and WBD is simply taking too much time.

I have enjoyed reading and discovering new wine blogs and I know there are some dedicated readers who visit the site regularly for their wine blog fix. I am profoundly grateful to those readers and I hope my backing away will not inconvenience you.

I will of course continue my usual posting on wine and food aesthetics.


  1. I’m sorry to see this go! I’ve loved discovering new blogs through your daily postings. Thank you for a great run – and for taking the time to do this for as long as you did!

  2. I’m sure many of us are sorry to see it go but as I always wondered how you found the time, I completely understand stopping it. I was also happy to be included twice since it helped drive readers to my site, so thanks for that, too.

  3. Dwight, your daily round up expanded my knowledge of the wine world in a way not other wine resource has. Thank you and best of luck with the upcoming semester.

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