Wine Blog Daily Wednesday 8/1/18

FICO Eataly World near Bologna

A daily sample of thoughtful writing and discussion from (mostly) independent wine blogs:

Tom Wark reports on the merger of Wine Business Monthly and Wine and Vines magazine.

The Wine Curmudgeon covers Napa real estate, legal weed, pop culture booze.

Peter Pharos takes a deep dive into the white wines of Santorini

Frankie Cooke reviews Simon J. Woolf’s new book, Amber Revolution, about the development of orange wine.

My Wine Pal reports on Wine Align’s National Wine Awards for Canada

Winery Visits and Travel Posts:

The Wine Economist visits FICO Eataly World near Bologna, which he calls the IKEA of Italian wine.

Allison Levine gives Ramona Valley in San Diego some much deserved love as an emerging region.

On Day Three of the Drunken Cyclist’s “10 worse days of my life” he survives to drink some very good wine.

John Fodera spends the day at Maremma’s Val delle Rose winery.

Lisa Johnston takes us on a brief tour of a few English wineries worth visiting.

Selected Wine Reviews:

Fredric Koeppel reviews the Tenuta Whitaker Mozia Grillo 2017, Sicilia.

VinePair lists the 10 most popular Pinot Grigio brands.

Tom Lee reviews the 2007 Vieux Donjon Châteauneuf-du-Pape

Aaron Nix-Gomez finds the 2017 Domaine de Saint Cosme, Les Deux Albion blanc, IGP Vaucluse to be a must try wine.

Martin Redmond’s wine of the day is the 2017 Rombauer Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc.

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