Wine Blog Daily Monday 7/30/18

A daily sample of thoughtful writing and discussion from (mostly) independent wine blogs:

chez panisse 2Amelia Pape reminisces about Chez Panisse and a life of good eating.

Alfonso Cevola, On the Wine Trail in Italy, informs us about 5 important patron saints of Italian wine we have never heard of.

Peter Pharos provides us with 10 food pairings for Greek wine that you probably have never thought of.

Tom Wark spends a pleasant afternoon contemplating dinosaurs and Riesling atop Napa’s Spring Mountain. He also wonders why we like dry wines—natural preference or because we’re told to like them.

Jamie Goode uses the case of geosmin to explain why the whole matter of wine faults is not so clear.

The Wine Gourd asks What are Australia’s most collected wines?

Amanda Barnes takes a deep dive into the cork harvest and how wine cork is made. now has an bio dynamic wine section.

Cellar Tours dishes up the 10 best restaurants in Southern Spain.

For Allison Levine Festival Napa Valley, a celebration of wine, food and the arts, was the place to be last week.

Appetite for Wine has the story of why a black rooster appears on every bottle of Chianti Classico.

Talk A Vino enjoys wine in a can and notes their advantages.

Wine Visits and Travel Blogs

Pam Strayer at Organic Wines Uncorked profiles Napa’s Rudd Oakville Estate, a winery that has recently gone organic.

Tom Plant visits Missouri Wine Country. Here is his report.

The Grape Geeks visit Napa’s Robert Craig Winery.

Selected Wine Reviews:

Jamie Goode has tasting notes on several high-end rosés

Issac Baker reviews the current line up from Byron winery near Santa Barbara.

Fredric Koeppel reviews the Bianchi Extra Brut Sparkling Wine, non-vintage from Argentina’s Mendoza region.

Dallas Wine Chick profiles the Rioja producer Bodegas Beronia, visits with their winemaker and samples his wine.

Tom Lee reviews the 2009 Cayuse Syrah Cailloux Vineyard from Walla Walla Washington.

Lisa Johnston reviews the San Supery Elu Red 2013.

Tom Lemke reviews the Wachstetter Pinot Noir 2015, Württemberg, Germany

Pull That Cork visits with winemakers from Bosnia and Herzegovina and samples their wares.

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