A daily sample of thoughtful writing and discussion from (mostly) independent wine blogs:

us openIf you’re loaded with cash it’s worth knowing that there are only a few bottles left of one of the best wines every made—Vega Sicilia’s 1962 Unico.

Tom Wark plugs Art.com as the best place to buy wine-related art.

The Wine Curmudgeon profiles the upcoming U.S. Open wine tasting championship.

Jeremy Parzen profiles Alta Langa, the Piedmontese sparkling wine appellation.

Wine to Five Podcast chats about the wines of Mexico with sommelier Sandra Fernández Gaytán

Jamie Goode finds deliciousness at Bar Raval in Toronto.

Selected Wine Reviews:

W. Blake Gray profiles the Master Somm-run Gramercy Cellers from Walla Walla.

1Wine Dude tastes through a line up of Lucien Albrecht’s legendary Alsatian wines at a Philly oyster house.

Fredric Koeppel has high praise for the Maryhill Proprietor’s Reserve Albariño 2017, from Columbia Valley.

Vino-Sphere tastes through the line up at Livermore’s Murrieta’s Well.

The Drunken Cyclist continues his pursuit of “true rosé” with an extensive lineup from California and Oregon.