Wine Blog Daily Tuesday 7/3/2018

A daily sample of thoughtful writing and discussion from (mostly) independent wine blogs:

Colomé winery in the Salta region of Argentina

Tom Wark points out that the soon-to-be-retired Justice Kennedy wrote the Supreme Court opinion enabling the interstate shipment of wine to consumers and assesses prospects for extending the decision to wholesalers and retailers.

Julien Miquel lists the top 5 wineries in Argentina.

The Wine Daily reports that Cirque du Soleil is now getting into the act of producing their own rosé wine.

Jameson Fink is now hosting the What We’re Tasting podcast from the Wine Enthusiast with the first episode featuring Lauren Buzzeo, who reviews the wines of South Africa.

The Hosemaster of Wine sits for the Master of WIne theory exam. You’ll have to read it to believe it.

Elaine Brown (aka Hawk Wawkawaka) reports on an experiment by New Zealand’s Aurum Wines making Pinot Gris as a white, rosé, and orange wine.

Good Vitis takes a deep dive into the wines of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, especially from Kendall Jackson.

Eric Annino reviews Tasting the Past:  The Science of Flavor and the Search for the Origins of Wine.

Selected Wine Reviews:

The Reverse Wine Snob reviews Owl’s Lair, an organic red blend from Mendocino.

The WIne Curmudgeon’s wine of the week is the Comte de Galeran Blanquette de Limoux Brut NV sparkling wine.

Fredric Koeppel reviews the widely available Famille Hugel Gentil 2016, Alsatian blend.

Aaron Nix-Gomez reviews two Spanish wines from Envinate from lesser known regions, the Lousas, Vinas de aldea, Ribeira Sacra and the Taganan, Parcela Margalagua, Tenerife.

Cindy Rynning tastes several budget friendly wines from Southwest France, a region designated Wine Region of the Year in 2017 by the Wine Enthusiast.

Tom Lee reviews the 2015 Rivers-Marie Pinot Noir from Sonoma Coast

The Drunken Cyclist reviews several Albariño from Rías Baixas.

Lisa Johnston reviews several pink wines from the South of France.

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