Wine Review: Locations F5 Red Blend France

PrintLocations is Dave Phinney’s value wine project. He sources grapes from several areas of a country and creates unique blends that evoke a strong sense of that country’s flavor profile. This one is very French despite being a mash up of Rhone and Bordeaux varietals with a bit more alcohol than is typical.

It’s the dusty earth that gives away its location, colluding with dried red berry, blackberry, coffee and cedar for an effusively aromatic nose.

The palate’s introduction is full bodied, polished, and juicy. But just when you think the wine will turn soft and unctuous, edgy tobacco shows up on the back of the midpalate joined by a layered, muscular mouthfeel with a gravelly substratum, a sunny bearing filled now with resistance and depth. The medium length finish shows licorice and just a touch of wood, the tannins both sumptuous and textured. A well balanced, beautifully crafted wine for this price.

Bursting red flesh on dark earth, as tough and tender as Springsteen’s Human Touch

Technical Notes: A blend of Grenache, Syrah, and various Bordeaux varietals, from Roussillon, Rhone, and Bordeaux. 10 months in French barrique.

Score: 91

Price: $19.99 (Purchase Here)

Alc: 15%

One comment

  1. Horrible wine. There are many other wines I’d rather spend $20+ on. Awful taste and awful smell. I give it a 0

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