Budget Wine: C’est La Vie Pinot Noir/Syrah Vin De Pays 2016

c'est la vieWe complain when supermarkets sell generic products so I suppose we ought to praise them when they sell long tail, “niche” products designed for very specific customers. If you are the sort of person who finds poverty ennobling, or perhaps you’re contemplating life as a monk for purely aesthetic reasons, or you find self-flagellation lovely—this wine is for you.

I bought this because it’s an unusual blend of Pinot Noir and Syrah. Pinot Noir is almost never blended—it doesn’t play well with others. So I thought the experience would be at least enlightening. Nope. Just bad wine. Really, why does this wine exist? If I paid $5 dollars for it I would be disappointed but it sells for an average of $15.  If you still want the tasting note, here it is.

Oddly transparent in the glass for a blend of 40% Syrah, but it shows some purple highlights. The nose is simple cranberry and red raspberry with a candied note and a bit of pepper. I could call it light and crisp on the palate to be generous, but that is going too far. It’s just thin and watery with a polished texture but not enough fruit power to give it a distinct flavor. The finish shows tart orange peel if you’re still paying attention.

Even a plate of pasta couldn’t mask the green, coarse acidity.

I did find some polished techno-pop from Gabin that boosted the glassy, empty potential but in vain, in vain, c’est la vie.

Score: 80

Price: $15

Alc: 13%

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