A daily sample of thoughtful writing and discussion from (mostly) independent wine blogs:

bodegas ysios

Bodegas Ysios Rioja Altavesa

Oliver Styles reports on the pitfalls of keeping wineries in the family.

Michelle Williams has a thoughtful discussion of the the controversial 40oz Rosé by French wine maker Julien Braud in the Loire Valley, which some people find offensive.

Tom Wark points out that pairing cannabis with food is quite different from pairing wine with food.

Jo Diaz ponders Earth Day and the status of sustainable wine production in the U.S.

Miquel Hudin explores natural wines in Catalan.

Jameson Fink blind tastes the Coke Pepsi challenge

Pull That Cork reviews three Rosés from Lodi.

Seth Buckley posts part 3 of his exploration of pizza and Italian wine pairing with a focus on Southern Italy.

Wine Travel Eats explores wine bars in the Czech Republic, including  Prague’s Vinograf which I’ve had the pleasure of visiting.

Jeremy Parzen reports on the status of cannabis in Italy.

Selected Wine Reviews:

John Fodera reviews the super Tuscan 2012 Tenuta di Biserno, “Biserno”, the current project of Ludovico Antinori, the original producer of Ornellaia.

The Wine Curmudgeon reviews the Fort Ross FRV Pinot Noir 2013

Strong Coffee to Red Wine reviews the Smith-Madrone 2015 Chardonnay Spring Mountain District, Napa Valley.

Talk-A-Vino takes an in depth look at the wines of the Loire Valley.

Brianne Cohen reviews several sparkling wines from Michigan.