Wine Review: Quivira Vineyards Zinfandel Katz Vineyard Dry Creek Valley 2015

quivera zinFrom fireworks to sapphires, we are fascinated by things that glow and sparkle. This Sonoma-sourced Zin is simply radiant. Intense, dried cherry and pomegranate aromas are set against a soft, background wood note and the fragrance of dusty roads, lightly hued with the scent of thyme.

An entre of lusciously juicy, shimmering fruit gives way to a more sculpted, layered mouthfeel as mouthwatering acidity and fine tannins gain the upper hand. Yet a solid core of coriander-inflected, dried fruit ornaments the midsection and persists even as the grain of the tannins thickens and the wine gains an edge. The long peppery finish seems to swell, retreat and then swell again showing a bit of salinity at terminus.

It’s a study in how relatively high alcohol can add elegance and intensity.

Exuberant and rhapsodic, this complex, multi-dimensional wine is imbued with a spirit of generosity and promise like glinting sunlight on morning waters, its essence resonating with Kate Bush’s The Morning Fog.

Technical Notes: A field blend of pre-prohibition, mostly Zinfandel vines yielding just over one ton per acre.

Score: 92

Price: $55 (Purchase Here)

Alc: 15.2%

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