A daily sample of thoughtful writing and discussion from (mostly) independent wine blogs:

cab grapesLisa Zimmerman reports that plantings, prices and sales of Cabernet Sauvignon in Napa continue to grow.

W. Blake Gray attends a vertical tasting of Charles Krug and ponders the past and present of that iconic label.

A well-traveled Jamie Goode reports on undated processes for renewing a passport, in England.

Allison Levine surveys Burgundy vignerons in Willamette Valley.

The Wine Economist has some general thoughts on the state of the wine industry in the U.S.

The Wine Curmudgeon covers the crackdown on direct shipping, attempts in Texas to preserve 3 tier, and his beloved Chicago Cubs.

George Koutsakis provides an informative introduction to Sake.

Jeremy Parzen reports on the increased competition for vineyard workers and storage space in Sonoma due to the recent legalization of marijuana in California.

Threads and Vino interviews South African winemaker Grettchen van der Merwe of Musto Wine Grapes.

Selected Reviews:

Vino-Sphere pairs the Carlin de Paolo 2015 Estate Arneis, Terre Alfieri, Italy with a vegan dish of asparagus and mushrooms.

Wine Travel Eats reviews the Kelvin K2 Smart Wine Monitor, a device that monitors the temperature of your wine in the refrigerator.

Lisa Johnston reviews the Donnafugata Bell’Assai Vittoria DOC Frappato Sicilia 2016