Wine Blog Daily Tuesday 3/13/18

barrel roomA daily sample of thoughtful writing and discussion from (mostly) independent wine blogs:

Tom Hyland reports on a battle over use of the Amarone name.

Levi Dalton interviews Dominique Tourneix, the Director General of DIAM Bouchagea wine enclosure company based in France.

Alice Feiring reports on the Italian fad of shaking the bottle to produce cloudy wines, and wonders how some Prosecco is made via the charmat method of tank fermentation yet still advertise “bottle fermented on the lees”.

The Wine Curmudgeon wonders whether “craft wine” is a coherent idea.

Wineormous has a handy guide to alcoholic drinks and processes from around the world.

Christy Canterbury (MW) analyzes recent data on how Americans are buying wine and what we’re buying.

Hawk Wakawaka sends photos and text of  her 16 day visit to Willamette Valley.

Selected Reviews:

Meg Houston Maker finds the 2014 Fields Family Wines Zinfandel Stampede Vineyard from Lodi deft, drinkable and delicious.

Jamie Goode files a report from Kido Winery in the Nagano region of Japan.

Fredric Koeppel reviews the Godelia Blanco 2015, from Bierzo a blend of Godello and Doña Blanca.

Cellar Tours has a run down of Chenin Blanc focusing on South Africa and the Loire Valley.

Rockin’ Red Blog explores several New York wine regions.

Food Wine Click features the Troon Vineyard Malbec from Applegate Valley Oregon along with a delicious looking rack of lamb.

Julien Miquel reviews the Pfaff Riesling Steinert Grand Cru from Alsace.

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