Wine Blog Daily Wednesday 3/7/18

A daily sample of thoughtful writing and discussion from (mostly) independent wine blogs:

napa valley
Napa Valley

The Wine Daily has a very informative post on their top wine tasting destinations in Napa Valley.

Once again, Tom Wark is on the warpath accusing the Oak Woodlands Initiative in Napa of deception.

Mike Veseth, The Wine Economist, reviews James Conaway’s book on the Napa Valley wine wars.

The Wine Curmudgeon comments on Conaway’s book, the rise of blends, and a critique of three tier.

Strong Coffee to Red Wine has a story to tell about bottle shock. Like humans, when wine travels it needs to rest.

Susannah Gold investigates another Italian indigenous varietal, Moscato Giallo.

James Lawrence evaluates the rise of producer associations and wonders if they have much impact on consumers.

Selected Wine Reviews:

Reverse Wine Snob finds quality in Kirkland’s Signature Willamette Valley Pinot Noir.

Miquel Hudin drinks a fractured bottle of Drouhin’s Domaine de Vaudon Chablis 2016 and lives to tell the tale.

John Fodera proclaims Maremma the next great wine region and tastes Tenuta Orma’s new release from their younger Merlot vines.

Jamie Goode tastes 93 South African sparkling wines with accompanying video.

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