Wine Blog Daily Monday 3/5/18

A daily sample of thoughtful writing and discussion from (mostly) independent wine blogs:

grapes-1952035__340Karen MacNeil lines up several experts to weigh in on whether rosé can age.

Oliver Styles takes a hatchet to the practice of assigning wine scores to Bordeaux first-growth wines.

Jamie Goode wonders whether Parker points matter anymore.

As usual, the Wine Gourd has some interesting data, pinpointing the year California began producing more red than white wine.

Alfonso Cevola, On the Wine Trail in Italy, searches for the wild and untamed and lists the places where you can find it.

Tom Barras discusses the important sip and swallow stage of wine tasting in which a wine’s texture and finish are assessed.

Celia Bryan-Brown asks, why we can’t accept mothers who drink?

Tom Riley takes a look at the growing sector of canned wine.

Miquel Hudin assesses whether the unofficial boycott of Catalan wine due to the Catalan independence movement has reduced sales throughout Spain.

Aaron Menenberg at the Cork Report investigates skin-contact white wine, especially the experiments taking place at Virginia’s Veritas Winery.

The Drunken Cyclist documents his stay in Palermo.

Selected Reviews:

Issac Baker tastes the winners of the Colorado Governor’s Cup.

Food Wine Click stages a battle between Basilicata and Campania, two regions in Southern Italy that make Aglianico based wines.

Fredric Koeppel reviews several Cabernets from Napa, Sonoma, Australia and Chile.

Jamie Goode profiles Two Rivers Winery in Marlborough.

Vino Sphere finds a lot to like in the Les Vignerons des Coteaux Romanais 2016 Le Grand St. Vincent Sauvignon, Touraine

Reverse Wine Snob profiles Wines for Humanity, a wine tasting and event company that donates a percentage of their proceeds to charity.

Jo Diaz tastes a vertical of Parducci Wine Cellars’ True Grit Petite Sirah.

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