Clips and Quips

newspaperFinally, chocolate/wine pairing advice that gets it right. Go sweet or don’t bother.

It’s advantageous to have one less thing to fight about. A study shows that the longer couples are together the more similar their wine preferences are.

As new growth emerges during the spring,  vineyards in Napa and Sonoma will start to reveal how much damage they incurred from the fires.

Here is a good summary of the California Crush Report. Chardonnay tonnage is way down. Maybe people will figure out they should try something else.

A study purports to show that the health benefits of wine are only for the wealthy. Do you think there might be some confounding variables affecting the results?

Bud break in January? THIS IS NOT NORMAL.

To all those people who thought immigration restrictions would open up more jobs for white people, the robots are coming to a vineyard near you.

Are millennials finally learning how to cook? Restaurant sales dip in January.

There is nothing like some unwarranted optimism to keep people motivated. Are Banyuls and Roussillon really the next great French wine regions?

Really? Beer is better to pair with food than wine? An entire article without a shred of evidence for the thesis.  I guess shilling for the beer industry pays well.

Here is more happy talk about wine and health. How much wine would you have to drink to get the effect? On this question, the article is silent.

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