Budget Wine Review: Öko Malbec Mendoza 2015 (Made with organically grown grapes)

oko malbecÖko is a brand of the Prestige Beverage Group, specializing in the marketing of organic wines.

There are some nice wines occupying the organic niche. I doubt that organic grapes taste differently from healthy, conventionally grown grapes. But I do think producers who emphasize their organic credentials tend to make wines that have a simple, fresh profile without a lot of oak treatments or juice concentrate. They tend to make wines that fit their image. This Malbec  from Mendoza which includes 15% Bonarda in the blend is no exception.

Blueberry, floral highlights, and some green bell pepper that mingles with occasional smoke hints make up the simple aroma profile. This wine earns it keep on the palate which is buoyed by fresh red plum which hangs on through a drying, slightly abrasive finish, displaying prominent white pepper notes at its terminus.

This is a lean wine that lacks depth and concentration but there is enough fresh, juicy character to make it palatable.

An average wine but not without charm.

The music must be restrained but tuneful with a sense of innocence or naiveté, The Fleet Foxes Bedouin Dress

Score: 85

Price: $11

Alc: 13%

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