Wine Blog Daily Wednesday 1/10/18

A daily sample of thoughtful writing and discussion from (mostly) independent wine blogs:

emojisIn the interests of the devolution of language, Blake Gray reviews two Crus Beaujolais using only emojis.

The Wine Economist analyses the current state of the global wine market in light of the small 2017 harvests in many parts of the world.

The Wine Curmudgeon addresses booze bans, wine varietals and climate change, and Massachusetts liquor laws all in one post.

The very accomplished wine writer Fredric Koeppel reveals 30 great wine bargains for 2017.

Allison Levine explains how Madeira excites the palate.

Meg Houston Maker reviews a 2007 The Discussion, a red blend from Duckhorn and explains why the art of blending is important for a variety of wines.

Cindy Rynning at Grape Experiences reviews  some very affordable wines from Crus Bordeaux du Medoc.

Vincent Rendoni at Wine Folly identifies 32 wines for beer lovers, or 32 beers for wine lovers.

Tannat from Uruguay is gaining more attention. JVB UnCorked reviews the Antigua Bodega Stagnari’s Pedregal “Roble”, 2015 Tannat/Merlot Blend from Canelones.

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