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littorai pix

Photo: Littorai

Littorai in Sonoma has an impressive biodynamic operation. FoodWineClick has a visual tour of their facility that captures the spirit of the place.

Susannah Gold explores a little-known indigenous Italian varietal Montonico Bianco.

Allison Levine explores the food and wine of Porto, Portugal.

Ron Washam, aka the Hosemaster of Wine, comments on the state of the wine industry in 2018 from the vantage point of 1988 in 2018, or something.

Tom Wark has some wise words about the impact of legalized pot on wine sales.

What’ is the world’s best Cabernet Sauvignon? Don Kavanaugh at Wine Searcher has an answer.

Jamie Goode dives under the hood of Folium, the Marlborough producer of Sauvignon Blanc.

Blake Gray reports on the change in how alcohol percentage is taxed in the recent tax bill passed by Congress. Table wine can now be 16% before being taxed at a higher rate, up from the previous 14%.

The Wine Curmudgeon finds consolation in the fact that many writers agree with him—cheap wine is mostly bad wine.

Get the scoop on Aussie wines. The Intrepid Wino interviews Dan Pannell of Picardy Wines from Margaret River.