Budget Wine Review: Loosen Bros. “Dr. L” Riesling Mosel 2016

dr loosenWho is Dr. Loosen you ask? Ernest Loosen, a n’er do well college student studying archaeology, was called home in 1988 when his father became ill. A middling, deeply indebted winery and vineyard along the Mosel River was among his father’s interests, and Ernest was the designated “rescuer”. Along with his friend Bernie Schug, they plunged into learning the wine business transforming his father’s hobby into one of the largest wine companies in Germany.

Dr. “L” is their non-estate, entry level wine and it is classic semisweet German Riesling.

The wine is expressive and aromatic with dominant peach and tangerine aromas mingling with honey and ginger highlights. Wet stone minerality plays in the background amidst bare hints of petrol. Semisweet, round and full upfront, the midsection becomes progressively lighter and more angular as the agile acidity glides forward introducing a fresh, tangy, faintly chalky finish. It manages to feel elegant and sinuous despite the forceful transitions.

A bit of exotica at a great price.

If you’re wondering what to pair with your Asian dish spiced with ginger, chilies, and some sweetness look no further. This is the wine. It’s perfectly designed for the spice table.

Spicy and whimsical as it dances between fulsome and angular, the sinuous Havana by Camila Cabello captures the mood.

Score: 89

Price: $11 (widely available, Bevmo carries it or search here)

Alc: 8.5%

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