A daily sample of thoughtful writing and discussion from (mostly) independent wine blogs:

Jeff Burrows at foodwineclick claims Burgundy is not complicated but then gives a clear and accessible summary of Burgundy’s complexities.

James Lawrence posts a must-read account of how European vineyards are trying to cope with climate change.

Good wine writing can stir our love of wine and wine culture. Alfonso Cevola has a lovely essay on how some recent writing has clarified what wine means in our present moment.

Here is some perspective on the recently concluded Wine Bloggers Conference 2017 from winemaker Craig Camp who has attended all 10 conferences.

Check out Jamie Goode’s fascinating article on how wine barrels are made in Burgundy.

Back in the day. Wine historian Aaron Nix-Gomez gives us a glimpse of a part of the wine world we seldom see here in the U.S., tasting through a flight of modestly-priced Barolo from the mid-20th Century.

Eric Annino at Terroirist reviews Jon Bonne’s recent book, The New Wine Rules.

You knew this was only a matter of time: Robots in the vineyard. Not good if you’re a vineyard worker.