pet peeveThis drives me freakin’ nuts.

When wine conversations get serious, when there is something up for debate, someone always tries to shut down the controversy by  pontificating,  “after all, wine is just a beverage”.

No. Wine is not just a beverage. Orange juice, coke, milk, these are beverages. Are their 10,000 people out there blogging about orange juice? Do people give up stable, lucrative careers to make milk? Do we carefully and with rapt attention swirl and sniff coke in order to fine tune our tasting notes?

Wine is something to which some people develop a deep, emotional connection. People travel the world seeking the best wines, devour encyclopedias of information trying to understand wine quality, and spend the rent money on finding a new flavor sensation. Have you ever heard of someone having an “aha” moment when drinking rockstar?

If you were to make a list of the many things wine is, “beverage” would be at the bottom. The next time someone says “wine is just a beverage” ask yourself why they would say such a thing. The answer will not do them credit.