Wine Review: Huston Vineyards Private Reserve Petite Sirah Snake River Valley 2014

hustonIdaho wines tend to be soft and elegant, but this one goes against type. This is a monster, pedal to the metal power with all the subtlety of a brick in the face, yet fascinating and ultimately satisfying.

Intense smoked meat and high-toast oak on the nose supported by berry, fig, chocolate, and red and dark plum rimmed by mint, an aromatic explosion.

in the mouth its full bodied and bold up front, then briefly hints at softness midpalate before it toughens and becomes aggressive with some bitterness emerging.  Ample acidity provides remarkable freshness on the finish; the freshness you sense after a storm. This life on the finish happens because the tannins don’t grip and aren’t too drying. They’re a spectral presence; you sense their massive weight but only because the structure never slackens, persisting with extreme length yet showing plenty of fruit power throughout the experience.

A wine of great power and depth yet not a comfortable wine. It’s endlessly anxious, ferocious even, pushing boundaries, an outlaw wine, off the charts with regard to standard criteria, starkly original.

Score: 90

Price: $55

Alc: 14.5%

Kenny Wayne Shepherd has got this wine covered. “Burnin’ like a shooting star, born with a broken heart”

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