champagneSometimes the good guys win. Champagne Jayne is an Australian wine blogger dedicated to spreading love for her favorite beverage—until she started writing favorably about sparkling wine from other regions. The trade group promoting the Champagne region Comité Champagne (CIVC) sued her, claiming she had infringed on its trademark when writing about other regions while using her name.

The wine world has rallied to her cause raising money for her legal battles and last week an Australian judge ruled in Champagne Jayne’s favor, although he claimed some of her social media posts were misleading.

This lawsuit was quite simply ridiculous. Why a trade group would attack someone who tirelessly promoted their product is beyond me.

At any rate, I’ve been boycotting Champagne because of their nonsense. There is a lot of good sparkling wine from regions around the world; I feel no urgent need to buy Champagne. But it’s good to hear a David and Goliath story with a happy ending.