gnarly head 1924This Zinfandel-driven blend is called 1924 because it’s suppose to remind us of prohibition when wines were field blends and most were sweet. They were also swill made under the pretense of being sacramental. So marketing guy. Which association do you prefer I latch onto?

Inky in the glass,  the nose is a bit smoky, with a hint of raw wood wrapped around bold, berry aromas.

In the mouth it’s thick, round and sweet with cinnamon notes complementing the berry fruit. It’s not dessert sweet but if you’re used to dry wines you’ll find it cloying. The medium length finish has a core of sweet fruit which covers up a bitter woody note.

This is not my style. After 1/2 a glass I crave a shot of tequila blanco to erase all vestiges or 5 or 6 to erase all memory.

But wines like this are flying off the shelf. If you enjoy sweeter wines, this one has lots of big flavors and will excel at washing down a burger.

Score: 85

Price: $10

Alc: 15%

A gothic ballad of a wine, sweetly delivered