A Guilty Pleasure

waffle houseJoseph Rogers, one of the founders of Waffle House, died last Friday at the age of 97.

If I had a flag it would be at half mast. Those hash browns scattered, smothered and covered, chunked, diced, peppered, capped, topped, and country.

What? You don’t know what that means. “Scattered” hash browns are thrown randomly on the grill, “smothered,”includesf sautéed onions. “Covered” gets you melted slices of Kraft cheese on top. “Chunked” indicates diced ham, “diced” adds grilled tomatoes, “peppered” means jalapeño peppers, and “capped” gets you grilled button mushrooms. “Covered” hash browns are topped with chili and the “country” version gets sausage gravy.

As Anthony Bourdain said:

Its warm yellow glow a beacon of hope and salvation, inviting the hungry, the lost, the seriously hammered all across the South inside.

One comment

  1. You can have simple fun with food, but my visit had inedible waffles and eggs. Seemed like half the diners were obese. It was other worldly. Sorry, I can’t salute that half-mast flag.

    They don;t serve alcohol, so I can’t imagine Bourdain enjoying himself unless he had just arrived from Thailand.

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