mcmanis cabMcManis wines are widely admired for their relative quality at a moderate price. But you do get what you pay for.

Ripe blackberry and prominent toasty notes from oak are highlighted by slight herbal top notes and a hint of baking spice on the nose.  There is some depth but the alcohol burn on the nose is significant despite the moderate alcohol level.

In the mouth it is soft and smooth up front, dominated by toast and coffee notes, and a hint of sweetness. It picks up structure midpalate , although the the acidity turns hard with some sourness drawing attention away from nicely integrated tannins. The initial impression is lush but it turns more sinewy as it develops in the mouth not quite delivering on its promise.

It seems to not quite know what it wants to be. But as a simple table wine it offers good value.

Score: 86

Price: $11

Alc: 13%

A ballad with some edginess helps give some unity to this wine. The Beatles did that as well as anyone. This is a killer version featuring Prince (RIP) with a scalding solo at the end.