robot pizzaI’ve been known to complain about fast-food nation, although fast food has it’s place in lives as busy as ours.

But if you’re going to do fast food, then I suppose one ought to do it as fast and efficiently as you can, at least according to contemporary cultural logic.

Although pizza can be a time-consuming labor of love in the right hands, it has become a kind of fast food that is often of acceptable quality.

So I’m OK with the latest development in artificial intelligence—pizza prepared by robots at the factory and cooked by robots in the delivery van on the way to your home.

Four minutes before the truck is scheduled to arrive at a doorstep, the algorithm starts the oven (or ovens) to finish cooking that order. Each pie is then ejected into a special pizza pod, which is not cardboard. It’s a sugar cane fiber, kind of like high-performance Gore-Tex, only for pizza. “We’re hacking every part of the process,” she says.

The driver then parks, cuts the pie with a special blade and delivers it piping hot.

The drawback? Lots of pizza makers out of work, joining anyone who drives for a living, caregivers once robots are designed to be cute and cuddly, teachers once robots are designed to be entertaining, etc.

Designing ourselves out of existence is the new black.