belmondo pinot noirPinot Noir from Italy is always an uncertain proposition, especially when found on the supermarket shelf. It’s probably bulk wine but the quest for cheap Pinot must follow every lead.

This one shows black cherry, dark berry and some earth but also prominent eau de band aid—plastic chemical notes that mar the nose and lower my expectations. The band aid aromas probably come from Brettanomyces , a yeast that infects wineries producing a variety of aromas some more appealing than others. Band aid is not among the favored.

The palate opens with mouth-coating velvet but that is short lived becoming harshly acidic as the experience progresses and that chemical flavor emerges. Although the fruit seems at first big enough to balance the acidity the two never come together giving the wine a hard texture ; the finish manages to be simultaneously watery yet biting.

Not recommended.

Score: 81

Price: $8

Alc: 12.5%

Front Line Assembly’s Plasticity might create enough sympathy for industrial sludge to get you in the mood for this: