Bite the Hand That Feeds

farmworkersIt never ceases to amaze me how we can vilify the people who harvest our food; and it’s beginning to have an effect:

Fruit and vegetable farmers across the country are complaining about a growing shortage of farm laborers. The shortage is largely due to a slowdown in immigration from Mexico. From time to time, there are predictions of disaster, with crops rotting in the fields because there aren’t enough people to harvest them.

Explain to me again why we shouldn’t have a generous immigration policy?

The quote is from a post  by Dan Charlespost  by Dan Charles summarizing  a series of articles he has written about the lives of farmworkers based on interviews. In some ways their lives are improving but they still suffer from inconsistent opportunities to work and the lack of legal status. The interviews are interesting and enlightening. Check them out.

But skip the comments; they’re mostly disgusting.

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