good newsA good meal and a great bottle of wine. There is nothing as effective at improving one’s mood. But I doubt that even a meal cooked personally by Thomas Keller accompanied by a nice bottle of Petrus could improve the mood of some Americans who seem to think the world is falling apart. So here is a bit of good news to savor while sipping the Petrus:

Did you know that, in the past 30 years, the percentage of people in the world who live in extreme poverty has decreased by more than half? If you said no—if you thought the number had gone up; that more people, not less, live in extreme poverty—you aren’t alone. According to a recent Barna Group survey, done in partnership with Compassion International and the new book Hope Rising by Dr. Scott Todd, more than eight in 10 Americans (84%) are unaware global poverty has reduced so drastically. More than two-thirds (67%) say they thought global poverty was on the rise over the past three decades.

It is hard to imagine why someone would think this news irrelevant but I doubt you will find it in the headlines this week.

It doesn’t attract eyeballs.