Budget Wine: Domaine Bousquet Finca Lalande Cabernet Sauvignon Mendoza 2013

Finca lalande cabYou can’t expect much from a relatively inexpensive wine. But you can expect enough aroma complexity to keep you interested, a pleasant texture, with a lively evolution in the mouth and enough structure to remind you you’re drinking wine not grape juice.

This wine has all of that and more. Their 2009 vintage was the first wine I reviewed on Edible Arts; I enjoyed it then and I still find it is one of the better values out there.

Black cherry, dust and crushed rock minerality are the featured aromas, all clearly delineated with good intensity. Pleasant herbal notes set off the fruit on the medium body palate. Elegant and poised with good acidity, the wines crescendo shows just hints of wood and becomes quite peppery, as the soft tannins provide a gentle bite with some persistence, finishing with fresh, focused minerality. The 14.5% alcohol is well disguised.

This is what a commercial wine should be like. Nothing out of place, nothing exaggerated, and quietly satisfying. This also happens to be the style of Cabernet I enjoy with the focus on elegance and life rather than power. Better known for their Malbec ,Domaine Bousquet is one of the top wineries in Argentina.

Score: 88

Price: $12

Alc: 14.5%

The tango scene from Shall We Dance with music by Gotan Project captures the spirit:

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