romanee contiA son someplace in Northern Europe opens the forgotten wine cellar belonging to his father, now 10 years deceased, and discovers a wine collection expected to sell for £700,000 when auctioned  next month.

Several cases of Petrus, Romanee-Conti, and rare, highly valued Richebourg from the 1970’s by the legendary Henry Jayer are the stars of this collection—some of the world’s finest wines.

The son’s good fortune is part of the story but, more importantly, who is this man who squirreled away these bottles for decades never succumbing to the temptation to drink them? Such discipline, strength of will—it really is impressive. But also tragically foolish. To sit on such gems and never enjoy them? It makes one wonder about the peculiarities of human nature.

It also reminds me to make another trip to my (much more modest) wine cellar this weekend. There is no time to lose.