Budget Wine: Badger Mountain Organic Riesling Columbia Valley 2014

badger-mountain-n-s-a-organic-riesling-columbia-valley-usa-10119969tI’m increasingly finding solid budget wines in the organic wine section of the supermarket. This one also boasts no added sulfites so if “natural” floats your boat this one hits on several criteria.

Very ripe red apple is dominant right out of the bottle, with floral notes, tangerine hints, and wet stone playing a supporting role. The ripeness starts to edge into funky-in-a-good-way territory which always gets my attention.

The palate is off dry and static with a heavy mouthfeel,  but very crisp acidity keeps the wine in balance. The finish is tart and citric with good length.

With 1.4% residual sugar, this will taste overly sweet to some people.  After all it is a Riesling; the best ones often have some sweetness.

Recommended for those evenings when you need a wine to serve with a sweet sauce.

Score: 86

Price: $12

Alc: 12%

The dulcet tones of Santana’s guitar work will set the mood:

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