When buying cheap wine, if you find one that isn’t offensive that’s a victory. If it delivers a bit more flavor or is interestingly different that’s a cause for celebration. This Merlot from Bronco Wine Company is not particularly interesting but on the drinkability standard it’s a real winner. Bright, cheery, but well structured with a silky texture, this is a fine everyday wine.

Blueberry and red currant aromas mix with oak-generated flavors of chocolate, coffee and a little nuttiness.  Not  complex by any stretch of the imagination but not boring either.

The balanced, medium-weight palate delivers a hint of minerality and herbal notes on the finish and the tannins announce their presence without getting grippy. Nicely proportioned, a little complexity and more flavor and length than most wines at this price

I can’t find anything not to like especially when I see it the shelf for $6 or $7 dollars.

Some classic smooth jazz pairs nicely

Score: 86

Price: $6-$8

Alc: 12.5%