Budget Wine: Chateau Les Verriers Bordeaux 2014

les verriersBordeaux, the most storied of wine regions, has lost some of its cred in recent years. Overpriced in all price ranges and having to compete with a glut of less expensive fruit bombs from the new world, sales for even the better Chateau have been inconsistent. At the bargain level, Bordeaux has not been a player in a very long time.

Over the last couple years, the word has been that Bordeaux was getting its act together. With new technologies and a new generation of winemakers with new ideas coming on the scene, Bordeaux was ready to compete again even at the bargain level. So it’s time to check in on how the rebirth is going.

Upon popping this cork, right off the bat, I like it.  It smells like Bordeaux, that not-quite-barnyardy, baked soil aroma settling over black cherry with black pepper highlights makes for a pleasant nose.

But the palate is sour grapes. Yes there are mineral and soy notes with toasty oak giving the wine some complexity. It’s very dry with persistent tannins and a long tart finish. The wine has structure. But I can’t get around the sour flavors. It is really undrinkable.

If Bordeaux is going to be relevant in the lower price ranges they need to do better than this.

85% Merlot and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon.

Maybe some punkish thematic convergence will make this taste better. The Descendents “Sour Grapes”

Score: 79

Price: $12

Alc: 12.5

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