Budget Wine: Fantini Farnese Trebbiano D’Abruzzo 2013

fantini farnesi trebbianoAmong wine experts and connoisseurs, Italian white wines don’t have a great reputation. Their flavors and aromas tend to be muted and the acidity is high, so many dismiss them as thin and tart. This is especially true of the wines made from the Trebbiano grape, a widely planted grape appearing in most regions of Italy and used in Brandy production in France where it goes by the name of Ugni Blanc. But those muted flavors and high acidity have a purpose for the Italians—they go really well with lighter meals that get overwhelmed with fat chardonnays or tannic reds. Italian whites are really about showing off the food.

This Trebbiano from D’Abruzzo, a wine region in central Italy on the Adriatic sea, is not only great with food but it has more intensity than your average Italian white wine.

It shows white peach, green apple, pretty white flowers, and a little funky earth on the nose, just enough to add interest. In the mouth it is simple, light in weight and unsophisticated but with some punch. It’s bone dry with lemon playing the lead role, very chalky on the midpalate with some tart acidity on the finish. In Italian whites tart is a feature not a bug.

Good aromatics, a little tough on the palate but a really versatile food wine. I paired it with a delicate, fresh marinara sauce and it was perfect.

Energetic, intense and tart. Let’s Get Loud JLo

Score: 87

Price: $10

Alc: 12%

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