pknt cab sauvI often complain about cheap wine because it is predictable. But even predictable wines can be fine and satisfying in the right context. This one isn’t. There is no reason for this wine to exist except bad taste. It’s green, green, green, tart and thin. Out of the bottle the nose has the characteristic bell pepper aroma that under-ripe Cabernet Sauvignon tends to show.  On the second day, some of that greenness blows off and you can smell the oak chips and a little fruit, but nothing enticing here.

The palate is hard and woody, with some diluted black fruit making a brief appearance. The finish is tart and mercifully short.

PKNT stands for Passion, Knowledge, Nature, and Time. All worth celebrating, but not with this wine.

Here is some sadcore to lift the spirit, Low’s “No Comprende”.

Score: 78

Price: $9

Alc: 13.5%