Thanksgiving Wine: Something Different

sidre tendreWhat wine will go with turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, candied yams, sweet cranberry sauce, an array of vegetable dishes, and multiple pies contributed by guests?


There is no wine that will work with that variety of flavors and sweetness levels. And it’s way too fussy and chaotic to try to pair a different wine with each dish.

One solution is to pair a wine only with the main dishes—the turkey, stuffing and potatoes—and ignore the rest. For me, that means an earthy Pinot Noir. But a more general solution is to take the same approach to the wine as you do to the food. You have a variety of dishes on the table. Why not open a variety of moderately-priced wines and let people drink what they want?

Or for something utterly different. Pour your favorite wine to go with the poultry and find a nice, semi-sweet apple cider to go with the sweeter dishes. It has autumnal flavor notes to fit the season and most are low alcohol.

This Eric Bordelet Sidre Tendre from Normandie is made from a blend of about 20 apple varietals that are dried before being pressed in order to concentrate the flavors. Very intense baked apple and honey flavors leads to a lovely finish, slightly tannic and crisp. It is refreshing yet will match the sweetness of candied yams or cranberry sauce that will make wine taste tart and thin.

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