I keep hoping that if I persist in scouring the bottom shelf of the supermarket wine aisle, I will turn up a gem for under $5. It may be irrational to expect it but it happens every so often, just enough to keep hope alive. So here I go again with one of South America’s largest producers.

Alas no gem here. Black cherry and earth aromas lurk but green vegetal notes are prominent enough to be distracting. In the mouth it’s juicy up front but turns medicinal on the finish with no tannins to speak of. It’s not the worst plonk out there—drinkable if you’re not expecting too much but I see no reason to buy it. Their Cabernet is a little better.

John Prine captures low expectations as well as anyone. Some Humans Aint Human (and some wine aint wine)

Score: 80

Price: $8

Alc: 13%