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4th anniversaryOn Sunday, Edible Arts turned four years old. 802 posts, 83911 page views, 556 comments, and still growing, with a book due to be published in January.

My first post lamented the fact that philosophers have long ignored food and wine as a worthy topic of conversation. That is increasingly less true since every year some excellent work on taste finds its way to publication. I think we’re making progress.

In that post, I mentioned in passing that I had never tasted pressed sow’s ear. That is no longer true.  Last week at Husk in Charleston I enjoyed Sean Brock’s Glazed Pig’s Ear Lettuce Wraps with Sweet Marinated Cucumber, Red Onion, and Sea Island Benne. That is progress as well! Could pig testicles be in my future?husk pig's ear

I spent the rest of Edible Arts’ birthday hunkered down in a campground waiting out the deluge (15 inches of rain in 2 days)  that descended on Charleston this weekend. The rest of Charleston’s fine food culture will have to wait until I pass through here again, for New Orleans beckons.

A profound thank you to all my readers.