bitter beer faceAs I wander about the country, I’ve been in several bars recently where 2/3rds of the beer list is made up of IPAs. I know this is the hipster brew and all, but really this IPA craze has gone too far. As the poet Wordsworth wrote “But hushed be every thought that springs From out the bitterness of things”.  Bitter thoughts from bitter tastes—I think that’s true. I’ve never had a pleasant thought while sipping an IPA.

But I have always been able to count on the roasted malty goodness of Guinness to rescue me from IPA hell. Everybody sells Guinness.

Unfortunately, the latest news from the beer world is that Guinness will now make an IPA. This is like the Red Sox joining the Yankees or the Dalai Lama as Donald Trump’s VP.

Just what the world needs—another IPA.