smoking loon merlotWhere would we be without knock-offs? Without cheap imitations of sunglasses, designer jeans, or handbags, most of us would be forced to scour thrift shops for something to wear. And generic drugs are a real boon to humankind. So there is a real need for cheap wine that mimics the icons. This wine does a passable imitation of quality California Merlot even though the grapes are from Chile.

Nicely delineated layers of plum, spice, and cocoa, wrapped in gentle vanilla. Not much intensity, complexity, or depth but all the elements are there.

A medium body, soft, round, and mercifully dry with an acid burst at the back end of the midpalate which propels a short but juicy finish developing herbal notes as it fades. No tannins in evidence so it comes off a little wimpy but after the second glass who cares—amirite?

A few layers, a little evolution, a shapely body, at a gentle price—it’s no Pahlmeyer but hey it’s not that hard to imagine that replica bag makes you a fashionista.

Recommended if your income is under 1/2 a million.

Pair with some replica reggae:

Score: 86

Price: $8

Alc: 13.5%