coffeeBlake Gray wonders why Americans don’t drink wine with food:

Yesterday I had lunch in St. Helena, in the heart of Napa Valley. A couple at the table next to me told the server they are in Napa Valley from New York for 8 days. Why are they here? “Wine tasting, of course,” the man said. They are visiting wineries every day.
They had Coca-Cola with lunch. Both of them. A bottle of Coke each, at a place with a reasonable by-the-glass list with selections as cheap as $10. (If that sounds expensive, the burger is $16.) And they were having at least a 2-course meal, with an appetizer and main course.
What is it with people like this?
You’re in wine country on vacation, you’re there for the wine, you’re tasting wine every day, you’re having a wine-friendly meal … what better time to have a glass of wine?

Ah. That would be because if I’m drinking wine all day about the last thing I want with lunch is more wine. There is such a thing as too much wine.

My alternative beverage of choice would not be Coke; coffee, lots of it, will prepare me for the rigors of more afternoon wine tasting. If I had more wine at lunch I would just want a nap.