San Diego Wines Get Some Love

hand harvesting grapesThe San Diego wine region is a relative newcomer to the wine map; most people in the wine world don’t know about us. So it helps when we get some attention from the wine press. Grape Collective just published an informative interview with Chris Broomell, owner and winemaker of Vesper Vineyards, an urban winery located in Escondido. Chris makes excellent Rhone-style blends including a killer Carignan; and he’s bullish on San Diego Wine:

In San Diego it used to be a large wine producing area prior to prohibition and in the 1900s. If they could do it then, why can’t we do it now? A lot of the knowledge was forgotten so we have to start again.

It seems like a new tasting room opens every month in San Diego; there are now over 100 bonded wineries in San Diego County and the quality is improving rapidly. And of course there is now a great guide to wine tasting in San Diego.

If you’re interested in what’s new in the wine world, check out Chris’s interview and start exploring San Diego’s wine scene.

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